This Month's Double The Glam Option 

Spread your wings and prepare to flyyy to become a GLITZGLAM  Butterfly!  This months options for April will have you ready to sparkle and shine like the Glam butterfly you are!! This Month we have 3 different palettes. If you cant choose between the three, get them all! If you want to flutter those gorgeous lashes , add on a 3D Faux Mink pair. You can add on an extra shiny GLTIZGLAMBOX Diamond Eyeliner!   

Shiny Matte & Shimmer 8 Pan Palette- Okalan Cosmetics

Click now to add on an extra palette.  Are you romantic, flirty, or quirky? Get them all! 

3D Faux Mink Lashes

Want and extra pair of Natral, Dramatic or Full Dramatic  Lashes now!

GlitzGlamBox Diamond Eyeliner Collection

Complete your GlitzGlamBox Diamond Eyeliner Collection

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