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A little about our company GlitzGlamBox's mission…

It started out with 3 sisters and a tiny small makeup obsession that grew into a deep passion for a slayed face everyday! There is a hunger for makeup lovers who want their boxes to include those extra products that some naysayers might think "oh that's doing too much" or "people wont wear lashes".  Here at GlitzGlamBox we say  "Why not?!" Throw on a lime green glitter cut crease smoked out with a deep emerald shadow with faux glam lashes and nude glittering lip gloss to run to the store. Our Mission is to give those without these amazing glittering products the opportunity to slay thy face for the Gods! 

Seriously though we wanted to create a box that would encourage people to experiment with colors and glitter. We want everyone to feel excited about trying new things and not defaulting to the norm. Feel free to grow your makeup collection with products that you wouldn't necessarily get at the store. Yes, every store has a brand that sells loose glitter but what do you do next? Our box will give you the tools, and coordinating products to achieve the ultimate glittered eye look. 

Meet our team



The one and only GlitzGlamFix! The creator of the GlitzGlamBox. The originator of the everyday glitter cut crease. 

The Beauty Guru & Blogger



The makeup obsessed Goddessinglasses. She specializes in makeup with glasses. Yes, she wears lashes with glasses on a daily basis. 

The Lash Master



The queen of the dark bold lip. This Golden LA girl  loves to glow 24/7 with highlighter.  Serving Cleopatra realness.

The Bold Lip Beauty 

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